Maribeth Jemmot Founder of Certified Interiors

Welcome to Certified Interiors.

I’m Maribeth Jemmott, founder and interior designer. I’m glad you’re here.


If you are thinking, considering, or starting a design/renovation home project, did you know that engaging the services of an interior designer can actually save you time and money? Let me give you an example…


You decide you want marble tile for your bathroom floor. Low & behold, after a lengthy internet search you finally find a gorgeous gray & white veined marble to discover it’s very pricey (aka expensive), sold in boxes of 12 tiles each with a minimum quantity.


My job, as your designer would be to suggest designs that could incorporate your desired marble tile, perhaps by cutting the tile into pieces that would border a more reasonable tile. This way, you’re able to use the marble tile you like without braking the bank and have a custom designed tile pattern floor at the same time.


This is just one of the ways, as a seasoned designer, I can bring value and insight to your project. A guiding hand to help you navigate the world of so many choices and so many decisions to be made. Remember, you are investing in your home at the same time making a better place for yourself and your family.


Here’s a little bit more about me:

I’m the only professional ASID certified interior designer in Plymouth, MA.

Redesign of existing homes, new construction & additions with a laser focus on kitchens, bathrooms and basements are my specialties. I aim to save you time with access to multiple resources, take away the stress by being your design advocate with tradesmen and ultimately save you money by providing you with good, better and best options.


My expertise and knowledge enables me to educate you on the many facets of a design project. I’m able to guide you in a direction that best suits your needs.


Some services available:

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