Repainted oak cabinets topped with red counter tops

The “Red and White” & “WOW” Of It All


I’m not talking about wine. It’s about how I got started in the world of interior design. A day of babysitting with my friend Margie was all it took and my fate was sealed.

We entered this luxurious condo and “WOW” was I impressed. Plush white carpeting welcomed you in. Hanging on the wall was this multi-level irregular shaped mirror that sparkled brilliantly and as I turned to the right was the master bedroom. I was immediately drawn into the room. A modern splendor of red and white. There was a mixture of textures, plush white carpet, red lacquered dressers with red framed mirrors mounted above, and a white leather headboard. The bedding was a fluffy white down comforter. I loved the crispness and clarity.

As I stood there admiring and absorbing it all, I said to myself ” I could do this.” It was that simple. I was so moved by the beauty of it all. It stirred in me the direction my life would take. Unfortunately, I never got to tell Margie but I’m grateful to a friend who wanted company and opened a door for me into a world that has given me the opportunity to design remarkable homes for remarkable people.

I dedicate this first blog post to my friend Margie. I hope heaven is as gorgeous, beautiful, and inspiring.

Are you a fan of red and white rooms? What colors inspire you? Let me know in the comment section.