Wall Comes Down

Do The Walls Come Down To Create Open Concept Living?

This is the question that was recently asked on me.

My answer is, it depends. It’s great to consider opening rooms to create open concept living, but a few things need to be taken into consideration.

1) Is the wall or walls load-bearing? Which means, do they provide support to the rooms above?

2)If the wall is load-bearing, can a beam be added to carry the load that the wall had supported?

An LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) or steel beam could be the solution. A calculation of the load would be necessary so consulting an engineer along with a professional contractor is advised.

3) If the entire wall cannot be removed, but only a portion, will removing the wall section still be worthwhile?

4) How much will it cost? Removing a wall can mean relocating electrical and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) too.

Before Floor Plan
This floor plan represents the original (existing) layout.

Once, the above issues are addressed and if the outcome results in being able to open up the rooms, now the important factor is how the open space will be used. This is where a designer can be 

so beneficial.


Let’s just say, for example you want to remove a wall between the kitchen and living room, along with a wall that separates the kitchen and hallway. A designer can meet with you, get all the details of what it is you are looking to accomplish, measure the rooms and draft floor plans to meet your needs.


This is exactly what is happening with a current project. The hallway walls are being removed to create more space in the kitchen. This means a large kitchen island with stools can now be added. Great win, for the clients.

Floor Plan

The wall between the kitchen and living room can only be partially opened. There’s  plumbing in the wall running up to the second floor. Not to worry, even partially removing the wall creates a wider opening to the living room. Wider opening = more open space between the two rooms. Another win, yeah!!

Open Concept Living 3D View
3D View of Open Concept Living in the Kitchen

The proposed changes to this home to open concept living are definitely positive. This will enable the clients  to have more seating and storage. It will give an updated modern vibe to the kitchen too.

Are you thinking about removing any walls in your home? What changes are you hoping to make?

If you already had walls removed, were you able to achieve open concept living? How? I look forward to hearing from you in the comments.

Peace & Happy Living,


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