5 Essential Things to Do Before Starting an Interior Design Project

Here’s  a check list of the 5 Essential Things to Do Before Starting an Interior Design Project. It will help make your design journey a breeze…


You look around your house one morning and decide today is the day. You are going to do something about the family room that just isn’t working for your family. The layout stinks, not enough seating, the walls are drab and the curtains have hung there since John Travolta starred in Saturday Night Fever. You’d like to start with a clean slate, but your kids still need to go to college, so you have to be wise and get the most bang for your buck. How do you go about this? 


Start at Google...

Do a Google search, look at furniture to a get  a sense of that you like and don’t like.

If you haven’t purchased furniture in awhile this will give you insight into what things could cost. It will also help to come up with a budget for you project.


Make a Wish List...

List everything you would want for your room. Then as you work through your list, divide the list into two columns…Needs (Necessities) and Wants (if your budget allows). This will provide you with a realistic assessment.


Can you start with a clean slate or will you have to keep and work with some of the furniture you presently own?

Come Up With a Budget...

Then add 10-20%. Knowing what you can afford is great, but in my experience, clients tend to go over the limits they set for themselves or the unforeseen can happen.

Like, the plumber tells you the pipes are so old and need to be replaced just as your project starts. You run the risk of them bursting in the walls, all over the new basement family room you are in the process of having completed.

Replacing the pipes becomes a first priority and will be less painful, since you included an additional buffer in your budget to begin with.

Know Your Limits...

You may think DIY is the best option then realize you’re in over your head. Designing and decorating a room is a substantial investment in money as well as time. It’s best to get it right the first time. If you become frustrated,  fell like there are too many decisions to be made, or you just don’t have the time hiring a professional interior designer might be right up you alley.


Check out interior designer websites (like mine) www.certified-interiors.com. Search Google or interior design organizations like ASID (American Society of Interior Designers). Email or call the designer to see if you two can work together. A little bit of guidance can go a long waye

Be Realistic...

Beautifully designed rooms don’t happen overnight. It’s a process and a journey. Floor plans need to be drafted, color schemes created, fabrics selected, furniture purchased, which can take 10-18 weeks to be fabricated, and contractors hired. Patience and realistic expectations are the key ingredients to a successful experience and a spectacular end result. 

Fun Until Next Time

Peace and Happy Designing,


Just for you! Your very own checklist and wish list. Download it here...

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